Here is what my clients have said about their counselling experience:

“Through your help I have rediscovered the ‘old me’. The me that can take anything that life can throw at me and still be standing but also thriving. I am restored in body, and mind and spirit. I have found myself again. Sleep has returned to normal. I still deal with stressful situation but I can almost laugh at the old me as I see myself now coping again having been restored to this health through your work.”  – Male, 50+

“You were excellent – listened intuitively – asked questions that led to new insights – words are inadequate but I’m amazed at what a different place I’m in from when we started. It felt like collaborative working together?” – Female, 50+

“At first, counselling was daunting, not you, the concept.  It was challenging at times, it t gave me highs, it gave me immense lows, but ultimately I really learned a lot about myself and also about other people in my life too.  When I look back, I barely recognise the person I was before – I still see all the good in that person, but I no longer hold on to the negative things I used to perceive as truths about myself.  I feel more confident and certainly more freedom as a result.  I am much more capable of living more in the moment and not dwelling on things that I can’t control.  I have more boundaries and am still putting more in place – I value myself more than I ever have done before and I will continue to work on that more.

You have helped during some of the hardest times in my life and in the end, I didn’t find our sessions daunting at all – I started to look forward to them.  You are a great listener and you really brought out the best in me with the questions you asked.  You helped me to understand myself more and also to see the value in me as a person.  I admire how you manage to maintain a professional boundary, whilst still having a very personal touch to your counselling.  I truly value our sessions together.

It’s so hard to sum up over 4 years of counselling in just a few paragraphs, but it truly has been a hugely positive impact on my life – thank you for helping me to see the good in me.  I feel a strength in myself and it gives me confidence in the future.  You are an absolute rock star!” –Female, 30+

“Elisabeth is an outstanding counsellor, skilful and compassionate.” – Female, 40+

“You have walked with me to the darkest areas of my inner being and shown me there is nothing to fear.” – Female, 50+

“I shall be forever grateful for the help I have received through a very difficult time in my life”. – Male, 30+

“I found it helpful to have a safe place to come and talk.” -Female, 20+

“I can really see the difference in myself.” -Male, 20+